Your innovative and flexible ticket solution

Booking and administration. Admission and control.

Marketing and reports.

Professional sales and management software

Modular design software. It adapts to your needs or expands step-by-step.

The software is user-friendly and clear

Web-based, highly secure and simple application that saves time and money. You have access to your data in real time from any anywhere and thus gain maximal flexibility.

Reliable access hardware

Choose from three different, reliable scanning options and check the validity of your tickets.
(You can also work minimal without a scanner).

All scan options communicate directly with the TurboTicket software.

Use our high frequency scanner and ticket printer and sell and print the tickets right at the entrance.

Statistics, export and service
TurboTicket records more

Export customer data and statistics for your accounting, for sales reports and use the data for CRM, newsletters and specific marketing measures.

Take advantage of all sales opportunities with a direct connection to distribution channels such as online booking platforms and ticket seller.

Make use of our technical and personal know-how whenever you need help. 

FAQ - Answers to frequent questions for new users to TurboTicket

Already a TurboTicket customer?

Please note "Help" and as well the "How to" section at the tabs in your system. You find it on the right side in your backend. Simply login to your account.

What is TurboTicket?

TurboTicket is the practical all-in-one solution for all ticket sellers. With the cloud-based ticketing system, you sell tickets through your website, validate access, manage your sales and customers, and generate more revenue by evaluating your customer and sales numbers and partner engagement.

Who uses TurboTicket?

TurboTicket was developed for small and large companies selling tickets, goods and services online, at the entrance or through outlets. With the help of the system, including hardware, you can count customers, control and validate tickets and travel tickets, manage and bill sales partners and customers, and provide charts and statistics with useful marketing data.

Do I need to download or install TurboTicket?

TurboTicket works online, thus accessible for you and your customer alike at any time from anywhere and the software is easy to install. You do not need a server, infrastructure, or technician, and you do not have to buy expensive licenses. Backups and high security hosting are ensured by us, and the TurboTicket platform meets the strictest European security standards to ensure your data is available anytime from anywhere.

Can customers book and pay by my website?

Your TurboTicket Shop will be automatically integrated into your website in a few minutes, with your logo, pictures and colors. Your customers book directly with you and payments go straight to your account. Everything is completely automated for payments with common means of payment such as PayPal, credit card, sofortüberweisung.

How does my visitor and customer benefit with TurboTicket?

Your customer can buy tickets online 24/7 via your website and print them out directly or use them on their Smartphone in 30 languages ​​and different currencies. Numerous ticket variants such as VIP, time slot or family tickets, the sale of merchandise and vouchers complete the offer. In addition, your customer receives helpful additional information concerning the visit, on your website or directly on the ticket.

How much does TurboTicket cost?

The pricing is well structured and depends on the modules and tools you want to use. Payments may be made monthly, low fee basis or fixed flat rate. Review all features and capabilities by testing a free demo and receive the helpful service from our friendly and professional support staff. Let's start!

Can I expect more from TurboTicket in addition to selling tickets online?

In addition to ticket sales, the system offers you the possibility to manage and evaluate your customer data, partners and payments. You can integrate distribution partners and platforms, export statistics, charts, and addresses, and use them for your accounting, sales reports, and specific marketing efforts. The mobile scanners or our scan app also support you quickly and safely with access control.

How do I get and install the access control hardware?
Your TurboTicket Key Account will be set up for you optimally. If you want to use mobile scanners, you get them already installed and ready for use. Spare parts are provided immediately and easily. You can easily download the access control app yourself. We find out the entrance control solutions with turnstiles for you and install them with our partners.
How do I get support when I need any?
At TurboTicket, we know that consistent and good support is critical to your business success. Therefore, we always help you out by phone or in person even after installation.