Hardware controls the access at your cash register.

Validation and access technology.

(You can also sell tickets via TurboTicket without this hardware. The process at your entrance is however safer and more professional.)

Reliable and fast mobile scanners check and process the tickets.

You can also download the TurboTicket validation App on your own devices.

The features of TurboTicket Ticket Validation:
Reliable, fast, mobile scanners

Mobile ticket scanners check, count and validate your tickets in one step. It can be used anywhere without installation requirements. Already used a dozen times.

Visitor statistics

The statistics show the day and time of the visit, the number of visitors and no-show tickets everything in one view.

Group admission

Validate whole groups at your entrance with just one scan.

Safe system

Ticket types are displayed on the scanners for additional visual inspection. Tickets are only valid once, or you can set up a multiple redemption in the system.

TurboTicket Scan-App

Alternative to our scanners, you can download the scan app on your own device to check your tickets digitally.

High frequency scanner and ticket printer

Use the high-frequency scanner at your cash register and the ticket printer for on-site sales.

Efficient admission

The access control solution is compatible with major turnstile manufacturers and modern access control systems.

Manage your hardware

The scanner hardware and app can be managed directly in your TurboTicket system.

The features depend on what modules you choose, you customize TurboTicket to your needs. We help you doing it.

Communicate to your customers.